Saturday, June 23, 2012

Must Do Quest : The Lady's Necklace

The Lady's Necklace is one of the quest you should not leave the Ghostlands without getting. It's obtained via a mob drop at Windrunner Spire (Southwest of Tranquillen). It is a well known quest, and if you have never done it before i highly reccomend that you do. Upon hand in at The Undercity, you will witness a lovely event that you will need your sound turned up for!

Ghostlands Rares: Dr. Whitherlimb

Dr. Whitherlimb has several spawn points in the Ghostlands. As far as i know, he is the only rare in the zone. Head over to Wowhead to check out the comments and spawn points:

He was a very easy kill, and dropped Abomination Cleaver of the Sun, but my current weapon was slightly better so it will just be sold on the AH.

Achievement..... Level 20!

I reached level 20 while questing in the Ghostlands, I had not yet completed all of the quests in the zone (That happened while i was level 22).

I had a major day for achievements in general today, and obtained the following:
Level 20
Giddy Up
Somebody Likes Me (Exalted with Tranquillen)
Explore Ghostlands
Ghostlands Quests
100 Quests Completed

I have not yet done any dungeons either - however now that i have completed the zone quests i think i will head over to Shadowfang Keep to complete my class quest.

Gnolls v Murlocs

Two of my least liked wow creatures are in The Ghostlands..... Gnolls and Murlocs!

Murlocs because they pull other mobs and have a large agro range.

Gnolls because they make the worst sound ever, and use human skins for their tents :O

Monday, June 18, 2012

Shalandis Isle - Ghostlands

One of the places you will encounter whilst questing in the Ghostlands is Shalandis Isle. Located west of Tranquillen, this small island is home to a handful of Night Elves. As soon as you approach it's shore, a magical, enchanting and inviting tune fills the air... you can't help but sit back and enjoy it before you get back on track to finish your quest! The moonwells on the island bubble and swirl at your feet when you approach them, i had to take a screenshot of me enjoying the atmosphere!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ghostlands - A fine choice for questing.

If you are into questing, Ghostlands is an excellent choice.

From the quests i have done so far, the mobs have been close together meaning i can take on at least two at a time, and be at full health by the time the next mob is pulled.

There is lots of skinning, lots of nodes, and lots of mobs, which give you that little more XP while on your way to your next objective.

There are mini quest hubs everywhere, and the drop rate for items has been O.K. so far. you can easily knock off over 6 quests in one hit, then back to the quest hub for the next lot.

One thing i will mention, is that if you can afford to have bigger bags - do it! I had to delete a lot of items as my bags were filling up too quickly. It will save you from having to keep vendoring things.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Switching Professions

After a lot of thought, i've decided to swap my Blacksmithing profession to.......


There's a couple of reasons for this, being:

1. Blacksmithing doesn't generate enough profit, and i would have to spend a lot of time on the AH to put up my crafted items that wont necessarily sell.
2. There's the stress of always having to think about if i have gathered enough ore to be able to keep up to date with my new recipes.
3. Mining and Skinning are both gathering professions, and great money makers.
4. There are fewer skinners around these days, as a large number of people are powerlevling in dungeons, and out leveling the appropriate questing areas - which means not having the appropriate skinning level.
5. Due to the above, there should be a higher demand for leather. I will be able to increase my prices.
6. I can buy gear upgrades off the AH with my profits (Not sure how viable this is though, due to transmog, everything is inflated).

I may also drop Cooking in the future, depending on how i am keeping up with my skill points whilst leveling.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Ghostlands

As the name suggests, this zone gives off a spooky and mysterious feel. The Blood Elves & The Forsaken are working together to keep the scourge under control, and you will not run out of interesting quest lines. You will encounter ghosts, trolls, spiders & scourge while questing here, the complete opposite of Eversong Woods!

I've managed to pick up another 2 bags while questing, however the silver is still on the low side (25s now). I'm starting to have second thoughts about my Blacksmithing profession - it's eating potential money from the copper ore i could sell. However i would also love to be able to make my own gear.... I'm so torn!

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Pet

Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling.
It left me with just 20s and almost broke, but he will keep me company whilst exploring Azeroth :)

I am in dire need of more bag space, with just my backpack and a 4slot and 6slot.... i am struggling!

First Achievement

Level 10! Obtained whilst handing in the quest 'Cleaning up the Grounds' in Eversong Woods. This means it's time to start doing some blacksmithing to take a break from questing, and learn my new skills.

The spec i have decided to use is Protection. This is because i like the idea of taking on more than one mob at a time and surviving. It will also be good for dungeons as i should be able to get faster groups. The first talent point i spent was in 'Seals of the Pure'. Increasing the damage done by using certain Seals.

You'd be angry too!

Taking on a Wretched Hooligan at the Sunsail Anchorage.... you'd be angry too if you had crystals jabbing out of your back!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunstrider Isle - Favorite starting zone

Sunstrider Isle is my favorite horde starting zone! I love the atmosphere of clear warm light, and the magical feel of the objects lying around on the tables and inside the buildings.

The creatures are appealing, including the cats hanging around outside of The Sunspire, and i cant help but frown upon those who take joy in killing them!

Mobs of Sunstrider Isle:
These three beasts are the most common on Sunstrider Isle -  Don't let their cute looks deceive you - when you start attacking, they will fight to the death!

The new beginning.

 Starting out on a new server, no BOA's and no gold. This is my personal challenge to see what i can discover about the game whilst sharing my experiences with new and old players.
I am not new to Paladins, and have a level 85 which has been very fun to level, gear & complete achievements on.

I'm interested in who i will meet along the way, and how much gold i will eventually end up with.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences and discoveries in game, and enjoy the screenshots of Azeroth & beyond!

Nevaeh x